"Beyond a certain point, the music isn't mine anymore. It's yours" - Phil Collins


YAM helps you discover your musical potential and encourages you to learn and understand music the way YOU want to


YAM exists to serve the community by enriching the children and their families with the knowledge of music


 YAM provides avenues for students to share their passions with others through mediums such as concerts, marketplace gigs, etc.    


Gavin Pacheco

Gavin has been active on the music circuit for more than two decades. After being awarded “bass player of the year” at the Jack Daniel’s national rock awards in 2008, he went on to perform with various artists like Jasbir Jassi, Harshdeep Kaur, Swanand Kirkire etc. at concerts in India and abroad.

Palash Bedi

Palash started his musical journey as a drummer with the band Higher Conscience which toured and performed all over India. He has also worked with artists/companies like yehbhi.com, 93.5 RED FM, Maame Khan etc. Palash has worked with many musicians/artist from all over the world as a musician or a producer.

Shalu Johar Sahni

Shalu is an environmentalist and a social worker. Her passion is to be of support to the community - volunteers for various social causes in Pure Hearts (a children's initiative). She believes that music brings people and communities together.


We have a set of experienced teachers, collectively teaching guitar, bass, drums and vocals.

Niladri Chakravarty

Niladri is a singer-song writer and has perforned with multiple artists over the last 8 years. Currently, he is the front man of Delhi based band "The Limited Experience" . After appearing on multiple radio shows on hit 95, 94.3 fm, Niladri was a finalist on a national TV show called "THE STAGE.

Fabian Waters

Fabian has been a guitarist for over 15 years. He brings experience across genres - from Jazz, Rock, Bollywood, Sufi and more. As a freelance artist, he has been a part of several renowned bands. Over the last 7 years, he has been an inspiration to many students to grasp and hone their guitar skills.

Ashish Titus

Ashish is associated with bands playing across genres from Contemporary Gospel, Sufi and Indie Rock. He also has an experience playing percussion instruments like Tabla, Djembe, Cajon etc. He has been teaching guitar and vocals for more than 2 years @ YAM.

Megan Fiona Singh

Megan started playing the piano at an early age and her love for music encouraged her to play the guitar and ukulele too. With a Bachelors in Music and pursuing a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology, Megan envisions to teach art and music as a theraphy module. She has been teaching piano for the last 3-4 years.

We offer


Acoustic, Electric and Bass


Acoustic, Cajon and Percussion


Western vocals


Piano, Digital keyboards


Rs 14,400/- per quarter (3 months). This covers 12 classes - 1 class per week.

Rs. 20,000/- per quarter (8 individual classes + 4 ensemble sessions* in 3 months) Ensemble sessions include -

1. Team / group dynamics
2. Song writing skills
3. Band / group - synchronisation skills
4. Music theory sessions


Feel free to contact us at 9810210995 or 9871052205.

Email: yamusicindia@gmail.com

Address: C-30, Nirvana Courtyard, Sector-50, Gurugram